Our Goals, Objectives, and Purposes

Our Goals:

• To inspire men and women to be diligent in accepting the Call of God and to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Men and women that have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour need to know Him. To KNOW HIM is profitable, and to receive His Word into their heart is Life! Therefore, we pursue the Scriptures as one dedicated to be "Throughly Furnished." We believe the Scriptures to be the literal Word of God given to us by Holy men who were inspired by the Spirit of God - 2 Peter 1:10, 21; 2 Timothy 3:16

• We are Interdenominational and Evangelical in our approach to the understanding of God's Holy Word. It is our desire to maintain balance and to be a college and seminary of the "Full Gospel."

• To put the Word of God in the hearts of men and women that they might be an effective instrument of Ministry to the Local Church, in the prisons and to the nations, Ministering to the seniors, the widows, the fatherless children, clothing the poor, and communicating the life of Jesus Christ to all.


• To faithfully Execute the Word of God with precision and to communicate the Truth rightly divided. Whether our students are Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists, Counselors, Christian Educators, Missionaries or qualified lay-leaders, SBCS endeavors to develop men and women of the Word who will unreservedly serve the Body of Christ.

• To preserve the local Church is God's primary goal in this present age, and this College exists to serve the local Church. Protestants of all denominations are welcome to participate in our Christian Educational Program. The object is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, and to pursue His Word that we might be able servants of His Gospel. Staff representation comes from various denominational backgrounds as well as independent Churches, but all are mindful of, and subject to, the power of the Holy Spirit and the Example of Jesus Christ. Our quest is to develop the Christian Church and its Ministries.

• To develop qualified leaders who possess a foundational knowledge of the Scriptures and a Biblical view of a Christ-like lifestyle; Leaders who are endowed with the Power of the Spirit.

• To emphasize Biblical studies complemented by the moving of the Holy Spirit and activated by "hands on experience" as developed through the Student's Study, Christian Life Experience, Practical Ministry and Practical Service.


• SBCS purposes to provide a program of study and an environment in which students may acquire a knowledge of God's Holy Word. SBCS purposes to establish a pattern for a continuing pursuit of intellectual and spiritual development pertaining to the Holy Scriptures. SBCS purposes to hold the King James Bible as the first and most effectively Inspired Writing of God's Holy Word. All other revisions are just that: man's word revising God's Word. We purpose to give you substantial evidence concerning this matter. It is a requirement that all homework be completed using the "King James Bible."

• Furthermore, under the direction of the Holy Spirit we purpose:

• To guide Students in the path of a working knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. To instill a recognition of their authority over all areas of life.

• To stimulate within the Student's heart a spirit of inquiry and discernment, cultivating their abilities to be an effective witness of Jesus Christ.

• To increase the Student's understanding and appreciation of the New Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ, while learning from our forefathers, the Prophets, the Psalmist and other Experiences of the Old Testament.

• To disciple and instruct Students in the "Unique Pathway" appropriate to their chosen field of service.

• To Disciple and encourage the Word of God in such a way that it will develop mature patterns of behavior acceptable for the Ministry.

• To be of value to the community in which we live, providing qualified spiritual care to all citizens and serving the community as a Christian Educational Program dedicated to serve all people.

• At Shalom Bible College & Seminary, we:

-Purpose to serve one another in Love!




-To always bring to remembrance: "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold? and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!" -Proverb 16:16

Humanity searches desperately for Gold, but Wisdom is the unique and priceless commodity. To those who earnestly seek Wisdom, God will impart it to them through His Holy Word.