Pastoral Care

1. Children's Ministry & Worship Leader: Rev. Jewelly Hyden, Wendi Taylor, Assistant.

2. Nouthetic Counseling: Directed by Dr. Phyllis Goerndt; structured and Scriptural Counseling dealing with the Family, Children, Marriage, Personal care, Divorce, Grief, etc.

3. Core College Curriculum for College Students; Prison and Jail Inmates and Bible Studies for home study groups.

4. Association of Christian Truckers: Prayer and Tracts for the Truckers on the road.

5. Street Angel: Chaplain Lyn Wheeler, Ministering encouragement, helps Ministry.

6. Prison and Jail Ministry: Donna Gilbert, Rev. Esther Cherry, and Rev. Fern Ward.

7. Prison and Jail Visitation: Dr. Bob and Doris Decker.

8. Community Ministry: Hope Ministries, Chaplain Dr. Evan Hines.

9. Commerce Cupboard: Food Ministry.

Ministerial Training

Shalom Bible College and Seminary: Correspondence College courses available, Degrees to the Doctoral level. Chartered Bible Colleges in the US and in Foreign Countries; Studies for Home Bible Study Groups, College credit available

Mission Activity

Supporting Missions and Missionaries throughout the World with Bible Courses and earned Degrees.

Shalom Ministry Fellowship

Ordaining, Educating and Extending a Hand of Love and Support to Ministers.

Pastor: Dr. B. L. Rice, Shalom Ministry, Bible College and Seminary

Answer Counseling Ministry: Dr. Phyllis D. Goerndt

Ministry Board: Dr. Dennis Devick, Dr. Betty Devick, Dr. Evan Hines, Rev. Ron Davis,

Rev. Randolph Goerndt, Rev. Jewelly Hyden, Rev. RoxAnna Smith