About Shalom Bible College & Seminary

    ✦INTRODUCING the "UNIQUE" Avenue of Christian Education, unlike the usual traveled highway.

    ✦SHALOM BIBLE COLLEGE "IS"... A resident school where you can serve an Internship and "study" while you "worship!" YOU can be "Discipled" while you "labour" for the Lord in the Ministry! And as you "study" and "labour," you can "earn" a Diploma or Degree.

    ✦SHALOM BIBLE COLLEGE "IS"... An External {Distance Learning}"path." You can study in the midst of your own Church and be Discipled by your own Pastor, yet have the advantage of a "personal" Professor at your fingertips, just an e-mail or letter away!

    ✦SHALOM BIBLE COLLEGE "IS"... Also a Seminary where you can Prayerfully pursue your Bachelor, Master or Doctorate Degree. Christian Life Experience and Practical Ministry are also accepted as part of our "Unique" Plan. Credit may also be transferred from previous Education, secular and religious.

    ✦Shalom Ministry, Bible College & Seminary is RECOGNIZED by the "State of Iowa" as a Non-profit Corporation for the specific purpose of Christian Education, and also grants Diplomas, confers Degrees, and Ordains Ministers, Lay-Ministers, Teachers, Pastors, Counselors and Missionaries for the benefit of the Kingdom of God and to strengthen and encourage the local Church.

    ✦Shalom Bible College & Seminary is ACCREDITED by The "American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions."

    ✦Shalom Bible College & Seminary is AFFILIATED with "The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International."

    ✦Shalom Bible College is Interdenominational-Evangelical in our approach to the understanding of God's Holy Word. It is our desire to maintain balance and to be a College & Seminary of the "Full Gospel," accepting all students without regard to ethnic origin, color or creed.

    ✦Ponder the "Path" of Thy Feet, and let all Thy Ways Be Established! -Proverb 26:4